Principal Life Insurance Overview 2022


Principal Life Insurance Group, or PLIGO, a division of AM Best, a company founded by David A. Miller, Jr., the largest independent financial services provider in the country. In January 2004, Mr. Miller named his private equity firm, principalLife, to manage its assets. On October 4, 2006, founding partner and former president Mr. William J. Weisberg purchased a 40% ownership stake in the company from Mr. Weisberg for an amount exceeding $3 billion. Since then, there have been numerous acquisitions and divestitures that have created a robust marketplace of diversified institutional portfolio companies.

Principal Life Insurance Group (PLIGO), a Division of AM Best, is one such company with significant operations across multiple segments of the American Insurance industry. The entity was formed during Mr. Miller’s tenure as President and Chief Executive Officer leading AM Best Incorporated. With Mr. Miller at the helm, Premier Life has grown into a market leader in the U.S. Life Insurance industry by offering comprehensive suite of life insurance policies, annuities and retirement plans through its subsidiaries as well as its affiliated brokerages and advisory firms. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Principal Life operates throughout North America with offices in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas, Atlanta and London. For more information visit

Does Principal sell life insurance?

Principal Life sells investment-based products that are marketed in the life insurance industry, including investment strategies on investment securities and global portfolios. According to the company website, “Principal offers investment strategies on investments through our mutual funds, exchange traded funds, fixed income and ETFs, private offerings, individual and corporate retirement plans, employee benefit solutions, managed wealth management programs and advisory services. Our businesses also provide consulting and coaching services through our advisory platforms, which work closely with clients to help them make informed investment strategies. Professional experience allows us to serve our customers at all levels of their financial lives.”

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