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I’ll be covering commercial property insurance and how to choose the right kind of coverage for your business and a few things to think about when buying it. And we just might discuss some other considerations that may come up in the process. What are they? Well, let’s start with what is property insurance? It is all about protecting yourself from any kinds of damage or loss to assets of a company you would consider as your business assets. You could also use the term “carriers” as they are the actual businesses offering the insurance and not directly getting paid by you.

Commercial Property Insurance 2022
Commercial Property Insurance 2022

You can use business liability, personal liability, workers compensation, commercial general liability, professional indemnity, commercial motor vehicle, or commercial marine. While each type has pros and cons, this article will only cover the most common types and then we’ll move on to how much more benefit do these insurance companies provide over others.

You can see a list of insurers here:

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is coverage for items in someone else’s possession, such as machinery, buildings and land. The main focus of this coverage is putting your assets in the other party’s hands and if something gets damaged beyond repair, that could cause them to make repairs themselves.

Commercial property insurance protects the building and equipment you own as well as any other kinds of property used in making some sort of business. Let me explain. If you have machines that belong to another person and get damaged in some way, there will be instances where that machine belongs to your own business but may not be physically damaged. These losses fall into two categories, namely material damage and physical damages. For example, the rent on your machine may be covered by commercial general liability, which covers accidents that might occur during its rental period. In addition, a landlord will cover damage to your business due to injuries to your employees in an accident. On the other hand, car owners can also be covered under their personal auto insurance, which is commonly known as bodily injury liability coverage (BIL). Auto homeowners can include everything from bodily injury liability to personal liability as they aren’t responsible for any of the damage made when an accident occurs at work, whereas business owners are primarily responsible for repairs in an event of fire. Business owner auto insurance is often quoted separately to business homeowner insurance. But for a landlord, the tenant and builder can be covered under the same policy, although commercial property owner insurance goes much further than other forms. This means that you will be able to protect both types of insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance
Property Insurance 2022

You will also pay your landlord as per the claim terms and conditions at the end of the year. Most landlords won’t make the payout unless the amount is larger than the lease value of the facility. There are some exceptions to this: those who are guarantors, contractors, public service providers and government entities can expect to receive payment as long as they have taken responsibility for the damage. Depending on what that entails, you might be charged different amounts up to $50,000, sometimes even higher and not typically reported. You will pay off the lease price as you have repaid any damages.

You need to make sure this is considered your primary source of income as you have it. This means that if you do not pay yourself monthly payments when the lease expires and they pay for the building damages or your other expenses, it does not count as revenue and that could turn into bankruptcy. Your other sources of income can easily catch up and take care of your financial issues.

You should always compare coverage for your business and compare policies with yours to find out which one are best suited to you specifically. As I mentioned earlier, having insurance that is comprehensive can be extremely helpful for you personally, regardless if you run a small business or big corporation. Having that coverage along with regular savings such as retirement plans and health care costs can help you be prepared for life’s challenges. So how much does your business insurance cost? Are they really good benefits? How to choose one? Let us begin.


As long as your business and your clients are profitable you will be covered by common types of commercial property insurance policies starting at $25,000 to $500,000. Some other types are listed below.

Rent Liability Coverage ($1,000-$2,000) – Covering injuries to tenants caused by their negligence, failure to warn, intentional acts of terrorism, natural disasters, fraud – all types of incidents that damage rentals

Personal Injury Protection ($1,000-$5,000) – Personal auto insurance paid to injured victims of accidents

Professional Liability Insurance ($2,000-$10,000) – Professional indemnity paid to injured persons from any legal claims arising from employment

Professional Accident Compensation Insurance ($1,000-$5,000) is specialized insurance and covers injuries incurred while working and has specific forms for clients: employee medical liability insurance ($1,500), employer criminal liability insurance ($1,500), and family car insurance ($750).

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage ($1,500-3,000)

You can now look into pricing options and compare the cheapest options if you want specific insurance options. To save yourself extra money or change some sort of benefit, here are some examples of some options to choose between:

Rental Equipment Insurance

Coverage for rented equipment and building damages from accidents

Legal Liability Insurance

Coverage for bodily injuries to individuals while using licensed professionals and organizations (i.e., licensed security guards and firefighters)

Coverage for vehicles owned by individual drivers

Coverage for renters

Coverage for utilities paid after repairs

Coverage for repairs on leased assets

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