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“A life insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and its members, requiring the member to pay a certain amount of money in return for life insurance benefits.” Wikipedia

What does it mean? If you are reading this article right now with me, I hope that means something to you. My dad has been very involved in insurance since he was 16 years old. He works as a property manager at our local auto shop (we do not have an auto shop) but his main job has always been to help us find the best coverage. Recently, my family purchased our first car, a 2010 Honda Civic sedan. After some searching on numerous websites and trying different companies and dealerships, we found one we like and purchased my dad used and has worked with me for quite some time now.

What is Insurance: Definition, Benefits, and Types -A1insure

What Does It Cost To Buy Something In The Marketplace?

Buying anything in the marketplace can be confusing if you don’t know what the cost of it is to you. There are some basic things that everyone needs to look out for before getting a new car or a house.

1. How Much Will Your Car Cost?

2. Can I Have Someone Pick Up & Drive Me Around On A Budget Or Are You Allowed To Purchase A Vehicle Through Home Loan?

3. How Much Is My Credit History Worth?

There are so many other aspects of vehicle ownership. This article will focus on insurance and the costs of cars and houses. When researching various aspects of vehicles, there are two parts that seem to get talked about most often; liability and reputational damage. Reputation damage isn’t really that much talked about, but it is definitely more important. Liable coverage is an essential thing in finding peace of mind and getting peace of mind when it comes to your personal financial security.

“A policy is a document that identifies how (or who) will pay for damages in case of an accident.” Wikipedia

If you were thinking, can someone drive me around on a budget, there is a huge difference. While driving an older model vehicle you would get 24/7 emergency medical service and free collision repair coverage from your insurance company. With newer models, they are just not equipped to cover drivers, let alone the people in the back seat of the driver’s seat. However, if you are paying for brand new vehicles such as a 2018 Audi 5 or 2017 BMW 3 series, it is almost impossible to afford these types of services.

“A comprehensive insurance plan covers all elements of the home or automobile as well as any additional liability protection.” Wiki

Insurance is essential when dealing with your finances. Having this type of insurance is also helpful when purchasing or owning your own property, whether you are working or just buying something outright. Not only do you need this type of insurance, but you need it if you plan on selling your assets down the road. For example, if you’re planning on selling your properties down the road as soon as possible, having comprehensive insurance can prevent another casualty or fire from taking away your property. Also, if you have lost everything or are in your retirement phase, you want to make sure that you can take care of your finances. Insurance prevents someone else from making investments, paying taxes, and paying off loans.

“The price is less than in some states and more than in others depending on many factors, but average costs usually range between $750-$750 per vehicle.” wiki

Insurance policies vary based on which state you are in, what kind of insurance you choose, the age of the insured, and other factors. Some people prefer purchasing their policies through online insurance agencies because of the convenience and hassle that come along. Other times, we go directly to our insurance agent or broker who sells us the policy. That doesn’t mean we aren’t able to compare different insurance policies within those states. However, the different prices and differences in terms of deductibles, exclusions, quotes, and even policies can be overwhelming sometimes. We also have seen multiple quotes that can quickly change. Knowing that you can see any options is always a good idea. Make sure you know a premium plan and compare it to the person from whom you are buying the policies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you need help finding more affordable options, please contact them and ask to speak with their customer support! They will give you insight into where rates might be higher, low, or middle of pricing so you can select your plan.

“Some people can receive life insurance via life insurance or health insurance plans.” wiki

Not only is it critical for people who live on their own, but also for those who are planning to live alone. Our mom has her own place. Even though she has paid rent every month and bought her own vehicle regularly, she still doesn’t own it by herself, let alone own it outright. She lives alone and still gets her own vehicle monthly. We cannot receive life insurance through health insurance plans because we are both too young to be eligible to obtain healthcare. If you look at our mom’s policy and compare it to ours, we have substantially more policies and more coverage. Although it cost her more, it had a larger deductible and lower total price. Additionally, my mother was fortunate enough to live independently and is able to keep expenses closer to where our aunt lived because of her independence. I think my aunt can get life insurance through an employer too. If you have an employer and they give you a great deal of control over their employees’ finances, we recommend going down that route and purchasing your own policy for yourself.

“A homeowner’s insurance policy covers the dwelling or structure, as well as loss or destruction of the building.” Wikitribune

Although this may be true for homes, this isn’t necessarily true for automobiles. Some insurers charge higher premiums for automobiles than homeowners’ insurance policy. In general, homeowner’s insurance is usually lower than car insurance, however, and premiums do depend on your age, current car loan, and other factors. There are no specific types of premium rates however, and it will vary for each individual insurance company. Regardless of your situation, insurance policies are important for every aspect of your finances, including your personal assets. Getting a quote is not the cheapest option, but it can save you a lot of money in the end.

“The life insurance industry offers a variety of products to meet the diverse needs of its customers and consumers and covers individuals, businesses, charities, trusts, pension funds, government entities, nonprofits, and other stakeholders.” Wikipedia

Like my sister, I tend to stay on top of whatever is going on in my family. But, sometimes we aren't able to always keep up with events in our family. So, sometimes we shop around for some coverage. Unfortunately, there is so much that goes into our wallets. Sometimes we have to spend a bit of extra money after taking out some insurance before we do something we would otherwise avoid.

“It is necessary to understand that each individual is individually responsible in deciding whether to purchase life insurance or to reduce risk.” wiki

“One common misconception that could be difficult to break is that only wealthy families opt for life insurance.” Wikipedia

There are plenty of resources available online about life insurance rates. Many of them are made on websites that try to sell you premium rates. Here is an attempt to explain why you should buy insurance; here is another attempt to explain why you shouldn't. These are among some of the reasons here are some of the reasons you should keep looking. Keep in mind that these are simply facts, not recommendations.

“If the death of an employee or owner happens within 90 days of leave or if the insured leaves without prior notice of exit for illness, death, or other cause, the surviving spouse or deceased spouse has priority access to life insurance payments.” wikipedia

“The primary types of life insurance include term life insurance, universal life insurance, long-term care insurance, umbrella insurance, variable annuities, permanent disability insurance, sickness benefit income (or travel agency reimbursement), survivor's compensation, worker’s compensation, and life insurance with enhanced features (EPS).” wikipedia

Finally but importantly, keep in mind the importance of life insurance protection before anything else. Life insurance policies will protect you from losing a loved one, preventing severe sickness, or becoming injured by cancer. Being protected from a disaster that can affect millions of Americans would be a game changer. Be prepared, find a life insurance policy, and start protecting your assets today.

What are some types of life insurance policies and how many people have them?

“Listed below are some of the common types of life insurance offered by organizations:

Life insurance options such as life, health, accidental death, disability, pension funds, college savings, estate, trust funds, unit trust programs, corporate life insurance plans and nonlife insurance plans.” wiki

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