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There are various car insurance companies and they all claim that the cheapest is the best one, which is also true for a lot of aspects. But if you ask any person, this would not be true if you asked them what is the best motor insurance in India. For an average Indian family with three or four members, car insurance is a necessity if you plan to own a vehicle and get it financed.

There are different kinds of motor car insurance, but let us talk about all the best ones. Let’s know what our experience was when we compared our buying process with those of top-quality insurance providers, which will help you make the right decision and save your money.

Car Insurance Plan 2022
 Car Insurance Plan 2022

Car insurance is a big responsibility that requires many factors to understand and you must do a thorough research so as to make the right choice. We have done extensive background research on different types of cars, motor vehicles and compare each with other best-quality providers like Akshay Auto Finance, Axis Car Finance, L&T Financial Solutions, Tata Motors and others. Here we summarize some of the features of best motor car insurance you should always look at:

Best Car Insurance Price

The cheapest car insurance policy offered in the market is from Akshay Auto Finance. With over 50 years of experience in providing good quality insurance for motor vehicles, Akshay’s premium offers a great coverage with superior customer service. All Akshay policies come at affordable prices that can fit into your budget. The price of auto insurance can range anywhere between Rs 1–3 lakh depending on the kind of car and your location. So if you need the most economical car insurance, you can choose from one of these companies. You can choose from several models that offer maximum benefits to you. If you are looking for protection against damage and injury, the car insurance provided by Akshay can prove to be of utmost benefit to you.

Best Customer Service

At times, choosing an insurance provider might take time, but there are times when customers are impatient and they don’t want to wait their turn. In such cases, you can always opt for excellent customer service and support with trusted insurance partners. At Axis, they don’t mind extending the quote on online platforms such as EasePay or Ola Pay. They are available round the clock to assist you by resolving your issues and helping you in making your purchase experience convenient, safe and hassle free.

Best Warranty & Cancel Policy

If you are planning to buy a new car or replace old one, then it is highly recommended for you to shop around for car insurance quotes that give better warranty & cancel policies. As companies have a strong reputation about providing long-lasting safety, security, peace of mind and other benefits, now you do not even have to worry as they will provide your motor vehicle with a lifetime warranty policy. Some insurers would say they protect your car from certain risks like mechanical malfunctioning, but they actually cover more than that. If you find yourself having problems while driving your vehicle, they can help you in getting a cheap repair repair policy that covers minor damage and no repair fee.

Best Discount Policies

If you are planning to purchase your car insurance through any third party, you can never miss out on the chance of buying a discounted rate. Choosing a premium that is low enough can only mean you are being lured into purchasing a risk-free plan. Getting quotes for the best discounts is easy and quick. Most of the premium rates you see available on internet portals are based on specific factors like region, car type, model etc. So before going down the road with auto insurance quotes, make sure to check whether you are able to get the best quality at the lowest possible premium price or not.

Safety Options

When you go online for insurance products, you might run across websites claiming they provide very high standard safety protection with minimum coverage. However, in reality, the same websites usually provide lower levels of security and a higher percentage of claims from untimely accidents. If the site offers poor safety, you can take extra precautions and do your research before buying at that particular auto insurer. Also, you can never expect the website to make a 100% guarantee that your car insurance has what you need. Check carefully for the information on the page and the claims policy before making a purchase.

Best Drivers Assistance Features

Before choosing car insurance, you should look at their Driver Assistance feature and also look for drivers assistance benefits. What are they?

Driver assistance means making use of technology to guide you in your journey in case anything goes wrong while driving. These assistance features include navigation assistance, traffic lights, speed bumps and much more. Not only these, some auto insurance agencies may add additional safety features for example a driver assistance system (CAN) to detect drowsy or drunk drivers, pedestrian warning systems and collision avoidance systems. But at the end of the day, all this does is protect your passenger from injuries and accidents.

Best Buyer Support

With the increasing demand for auto-bought auto insurance, you may need to make some efforts to ensure you find the best auto insurer for your needs. This is where Auto Shoper comes in. It provides you with online services for car insurance by connecting you with top auto shops near you. Through its robust database of auto shops, you can easily shop for insurance quotes that match your budget and ensure your needs are catered to properly. Auto shoper is a fast and simple way to buy auto insurance online with ease.

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