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Citizens Property Insurance is a company of The Citizens of the United States, Inc. and has headquarters in San Francisco, California. Their main office is located at 858 N. Mill Street in downtown Sunnyvale. Citizens Property Insurance offers property insurance and other motor vehicle/automotive protection plans to customers and to individuals from all over the USA.

citizens property insurance
citizens property insurance 

What do they offer?

Citizens Property Insurance covers personal auto and home policy for up to ten vehicles, commercial business policy for four or five vehicles (including rental), and liability and liability-related travel policy for two vehicles at one time. Also, citizens can get coverage for an additional 10% per year of their monthly income, provided it was earned during a “good” timeslot. Personal accident insurance, motorcycle and boat/cruise casualty policies are available as well. For renters, it offers a wide variety of plan types including renter, landlord’s benefit, condo, owner in common area and unit owner’s protection in the same type. All policies are offered by Citizens with A+ ratings from the National Safety Council, which are recognized rating organizations that require members to abide by certain high standards to ensure safety and financial strength of insured parties. Citizens’ staffs in each field are subject to extensive training and certification to guarantee customer service. Citizens maintains its own independent claims department, which makes decisions on claims handling without having any involvement of auto, home and life insurance agents. They also act as sole guarantors for the insurer.

Who needs this product?

Citizens Property Insurance offers coverage to both public and private drivers and passengers, workers with disabilities and employees covered by government agencies, contractors, landlords, renters, tenants, homeowners, banks and more.* Citizens is only licensed to sell insurance underwritten by the Federal Trade Commission, FIMSA, JAMAICA, and FINRA.

Who can I use Citizens Insurance?

Customers can get coverage options from Citizens, whether they have multiple vehicles or just drive. Drivers can choose between driving their car on the road or with another driver and with their employer and contractor. If someone wishes to commute, they can compare benefits from one vehicle to another and choose when they need it.

Citizens Insurance Advantage Programs

Customers can have an advantage program in exchange for extra premium savings to their budget or because of new regulations or changes in laws. Workers with a disability may be eligible for a special payment if they meet eligibility requirements when applying for Medicare Advantage. More information about our benefit programs can be found here. And when you need help, your Citizen Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you out. Contact us here and we can help you find a policy package that suits your needs!

If I buy something through Consumer Affairs, how can I tell them what my data will be used for marketing purposes?

As a consumer, you have access to most consumer products or services that use personally identifiable information, or PII, like name, address, Social Security Number, telephone number, email address, etc. Citizens does not collect PII data on its policies, but you can choose to purchase insurance from Citizens to receive a discount.

What are some restrictions on buying citizenship insurance?

Some limitations apply. Some states impose minimum coverage limits as well as maximum rates. But citizens’ standard issue auto insurance in states where there is no compulsory minimum coverage limit is typically limited to 60-70% of your monthly income. Other states recommend no minimum coverage limits to prevent cost and fraud. These limitations may vary by state, depending on the amount of premiums paid. You also need a good credit check before applying for a policy.

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